Alessandro Canova explores the phenomenological dimension of sound which lies between an aesthetic akin to minimalism, micro-sound and glitch.

Alessandro Canova released his first self-produced record in 1999 under the alias Mugen (夢幻), an homage to Zeami Motokiyo's theoretical work Fūshi Kaden. The initial project evolved into a personal study on the aesthetics of post modern minimalism, media corruption and glitch. During his early experimentations Canova worked exclusively with silence, sine waves and white noise as his only sound sources, developing a keen interest in a zen-like sound aesthetic. Influenced by his study on oriental philosophy he aims to create a meditative dimension: a contemplation of the physical nature of sound and its frequencies, rhythm and structures.
Canova has performed live during experimental music and media festivals, presenting his works in Italy, France, UK and Japan. He currently resides in London.

Selected Performances
2002 The New Italian Futurists - 291 Gallery (London)
2002 IT2JP - Boldù Cultural Center (Venice)
2002 A-Sincroni (Macerata)
2002 Batofar Cherche l'Italie - Batofar (Paris)
2003 Le Placard #6 ' Tsukiji Manson (Tokyo)
2003 Mugen Live in Himeji - King Bee (Himeji)
2003 Unbeva Vol.9 - Loft Plus One (Tokyo)
2003 Ultra Minimal Night - Loop Line (Tokyo)
2003 Brushless! - Villa Franchin (Mestre - Venice)
2003 Italian Live Media (Bologna)
2004 Netmage 04 (Bologna)
2004 Low4mat (Mestre)
2004 First Mugen DJ set (Padova)
2004 Videominuto (Prato)
2004 Q13 (Mestre)
2005 Mugen Live on Mars (Venice)
2005 Live at Soniclab (Mestre)
2006 Open DJ Set (Padova)
2006 Architetture Urbane Liveset - (Padua)
2006 Architetture Urbane Workshop - (Padua)
2006 Venetian Industries - CSO Rivolta (Marghera - Venice)
2006 Digital Media Workshop - Villa Franchin (Mestre)
2009 Glasstress - Berengo Studio & Gallery (Murano - Venice)
2010 Concrete Landscapes - A+A Gallery (Venice)
2012 Concrete Landscapes - A+A Gallery (Venice)
2013 SETUP Contemporary Art Fair (Bologna)